Ivana Víchová

Current painter, lecturer and also a mother


I am a mother of three children and I have been painting since my childhood.
I was born in Trutnov, which lies in the Krkonoše foothills.

I once heard a question: 
"Will the world be a better place if you paint?"

The answer was clearly:

I would especially like to show my children how important it is to do what you enjoy and fulfill in life. 
I believe that the artist's soul and the energy with which they create their works are transmitted through painting


About paint: 

In Ivana's paintings you can find abstract, semi-abstract or realistic paintings. A characteristic feature of the painting is texture and thin layers of colors. Ivana's artworks are represented in private collections in the Czech Republic and abroad. They decorate various interiors of homes and companies. Ivana is constantly working on new projects.

Her paintings are characterized by great expressive power, which aims to immediately establish that silent dialogue between and the observer. Her paintings have a significant communicative impact that can reach the viewer's heart.

/ Francesca Callipari 2023 - Art historian and critic, art curator, singer /

To create original paintings, she uses MIND MAPS, which are often part of the artworks.


I love feedback, so if something interests you,
or if you are interested in something, write to me, I will be happy.

"My paintings have a soul - they have a story, just like each of us.When they connect, an emotion is born and the image comes to life."
Ivana Víchová
"Art is freedom.
Boundaries dissolve in the moment
when the art enriches us with something."
Ivana Víchová

What fascinates me about painting is the emotional connection between the viewer and the artwork.
Ivana Víchová

Do you want to know anything more about me? 

   V I D E O - CZ


Interview on TV na TV Óčko v pořadu Drive - 2/2019 - CZ

Author exhibitions and events:

2022 - "I wish..." /TwinArt Gallery - Prague 5

2021 - "SHE" - / TwinArt Gallery - Prague 5
2020 - "I'm fulfilling my dreams..." - postponed/covid
2020 - Workshop - lecturer - basics of textured painting and acrylic/ Bruntál
2020 - selected for the foreign online gallery Singulart
2019 - "In the name of Love..." / Galerie1 - Prague - under the auspices of the city of Prague1
2019 - filming an interview for the program DRIVE-OČKO TV / Prague
2017 - "Story in Pictures" II. / Hradec Králové
2017 - "Story in pictures" I. / Prague
2016 - "From painting to painting" / Uffo - Trutnov

Group exhibitions and events:

2021 - Atelier Art Fest / Prague

2020 - "One for all, all for one/Eli Gallery - Liberec
2019 - Christmas exhibition / Gallery Zelený dům - Prague
2019 - Art salon / Prague
2019 - "Empathy" / Gallery 1 - Prague 1
2018 - Atelier Art Fest / Prague
2018 - Art salon / Prague
2018 - free workshop assistant of the hyperrealist painter Alexander Pavlov for 30 painters/Choceň
2018 - Association of Artists of the Czech Republic - 8th salon/ Beroun
2018 - free workshop assistant of the hyperrealist painter Alexander Pavlov for 50 painters/Prague
2017 - Art salon / Prague

e-mail: info@ivanavich.com 
Insta: @ivanavichart
Tik Tok: @ivanavichart